the world will stop


live action


The World Will...

Longtime friends Judy and Zack are just like you. They have loving relationships, families of their own, and full-time jobs.

When Zack finds a box containing several notes, cards, and letters Judy has sent to him over the course of 25 years, Judy and Zack rediscover a comic strip they created as kids.

The friends find that their childhood selves have a lot to offer, and they begin to believe that they'll be able to weather their uncertain futures with courage and good humor.

This production uses puppetry, live action, and film to tell the story, and themes of life milestones, loss, and friendship are explored. Directed by Brendan Regan, written by Sarah J. Stachura. Performed by Tim McDermott and Sarah J. Stachura, Puppet design by Patrick Daniel Holmes, Illustration by Brendan Regan and Patrick Daniel Holmes.

The World Will Stop if We Make a Mistake

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